Monday, October 17, 2011


Broken earth becomes
The echo upon echo of what once was
As they knocked each one out
For fear that they would be crushed
Under their tremendous breadth

Unfortunate then, to stand among brothers
Among titans, fearing nothing
Save for a lifetime of isolation
Where soil screamed their names
and found them victims of human fear

challenges that no human could know
Because humanity is so, human.
stretching limbs
to a god that brings no refuge
still seeking it in objects and words

killed with technology
they fought virgin flesh against tempered iron
and lost, each severed limb shook the earth
as others sat without so much as an afterthought

but they left the mysorenesis
the gaunt young mother 
as though she would not carry within inverted breath
the whispers of what was to come.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


When you left,

there was nothing;

but the gentle zephyr blowing through the fragments

of my shattered heart.

Do you remember

the first time summer

became fall?

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Surreal in the way that things pan out
I called out, dreaming of more


On that balmy summer night where I picked you the flower from a tree
Not so different than my own 
with the honest exception
my tree doesn’t make flowers anymore.

The perfume spilled from every crevice
From every alcohol-laden word as we all slipped back to childhood
With Edan who laughed so much as we fell through the streets
On that star filled night
Leaving me intoxicated with the patterns of your dress
As it trounced through the streetlights
into the wheat-pasted halls
Still under construction,  to this day

I wake up sometimes, smelling the perfume of that gigantic white flower
Recall the texture of your hair
Running through my fingers as I palmed your head
On those summer nights that persist in my memory

As the petals of a flower that never withers

And I question the nature of my syconium
And the nature of what it means

to bloom.