Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Moreso now than ever before
Ongoing like nevermore
The rally of the righteous
against the bane of all;
laying down arms in some attempt to call
there would be little, there will be none
in that place that remains so plainly undone
like more to be had, and more to be held
where the last of great giant remains unfelled
and I will wait, I will wait for you there
against the grain of the time that will inevitably wear
with the songs that remain still yet to be sung
abreast of the earth were you yet to be flung
where water falls still from the sky
the world never asks ‘what’ or ‘why’

with the trample and crush, the land and the space
the boiling cauldron behind this          place
and I’ll ask that you would, I’ll ask that you wont
push on in this aspect, as I do, but you don’t
and the words and scenario, the heart that lies pawned
a breathless vacuum where all of this spawned
so foreign in its context that none could relate
that the words tried to fill, and all wished to negate
but the rift was cast
the marks fell true
with so little left we were all forced through
then there was loss and then there was none
all was forgotten in a world so undone

Friday, November 2, 2012

Do you feel in control?

Sundering unstoppable
This sphere so palpable
Breathing deep
Deep into the ground

Trample and lay waste
To this fearful place
And arise from the ashes
The ashes once again

Defect and break away
Cut-rate in their own way
Running from the inevitable
Earth beneath your feet

There is fire upon the frost
Annealed among the loss
A desire seems to grow
With every passing stone

Making strides that hold so deft
Upon a way with so little left
The coyotes appear
When all the lights go out

Do you think you hold this place?
Are you occupying space?
They came to my aid
By devouring a rat

Beginning as if one knew
The purple leaves still grew
Against the crater in the ground
Without an afterthought or sound