Monday, August 26, 2013


It all comes out as the same note.
The same space where everything seems to be of one color
Where the most adventurous dreams end in a time-consumptive lesson
And all that was and is are the same
Passing some thoughtless nexus
traveling through entrophy
As time destroys us all
Each to our own design
The madness blooms under feral sun
Suspicions boil where affirmation once held sway
Under the reign of the sun
Everything becomes a competition

As the proliferation of self is all-consuming

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This constant ballet of resources
Money there, funding here, gas, food, weed, blow
It’s a life of constant allocation
When I want to understand more than I already do
In this void from which all things come
That needs to expressed: like an infection
Where everyone’s right. I’m just being lazy.
But I too know. That this is all nothing.
When the thunder breaks the sky
Breaking through everyone’s
sense of self-importance.
I have not learned anything if not to save.
 subsist on little in this desert of violence and meth
control is a farce. Like human constructs built on constructs
dreams within realities. We are the forgotten. We are the underclassed. We are the expendables in a time of excess.
And yet we persist indulgently.
some fevered corruption of reality that sustains itself
in the way that self-actualization
becomes the last kind of orgasm you need
but don’t want to have

Sunday, August 11, 2013

In the dark

Behind the coyote lines
The hinnies if the young burros fall silent
The as I stand there
In the darkness overwhelmed by an emotion
Akin to terrified. Akin to fear.
in a large drain some doppelganger
unnervingly emulates what I do.
what brought me here:
It was the cinderblock courtyard in the middle of the night
Lit by one single halogen bulb that hummed into the encircling darkness
Generators underneath steel plates
Guarded a quarter mile to the west by novice security
What brought me here:
curiosity greater than anxiety that dominates
every space in my mind
behind me headlights don’t even realize they are perusing
and I sweat to get away,
to upper ground that they never seem to see