Monday, January 23, 2012


Hallucinating more and more
I smell you in my clothes
I hear your voice through the dark
Knowing you’re not there

through the empty streets
tentacles of mist  longingly reach,
take a piece of what doesn’t belong
in a place that has none

a place remembering nothing
beyond where it has been trespassed 
dedicating our lives to intrusion
if only to fall to memory

if only for a short while
and I ask, what was this catharsis
with such a heavy price?
& never seems to carry release 

like drawing lots in some
future i'm willing to live in
Look out upon this barren desert;
nothing is ever enough.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Spun from an echo
in the renderings
some dormant Valkyrie
reigns the perceptible
in the same balks
an ejection that casts
everything to equilibrium.

Feeling the same vacancy
Habitually, incessantly
Annealing anything
Into the whimpers of loss
That Tasted conquest
Only to be forgotten and retroactively revived
but that is not the same;
as the frost has little effect
on that which has evacuated into memory

recollecting refractions of the truth
but none so eloquent enough
to engineer any future
where everything pales to justification
no matter how artificial
I feel you in the depths of my water