Saturday, August 20, 2011

Of Titans

Unlocking and unlocking and unlocking
pieces scattered about haphazardly
Absorbed into the soil by their own weight
pull the threads of thought out of me
an afforded luxury that was never fully appreciated

the armor of this great terrestrial titan
never submitting to the brutal, hate-filled impacts
galvanized by the ire of revenge against this world
I opened those plates to let you in
Where that fluorescent, melliferous pink substance comprises all that I am

Opening as the valves of some great machine
Showing rather than telling
Your venom hit home so deeply the plates snapped back into place so suddenly
I could not even open myself to remove the infection
Understanding, perhaps more deeply than anything, the definition of ‘vandalized’

As that substance became congealed
Fortified in hurt as the latticework of past infringements
It cannot be unlocked by you in your current form
see me for what I am
remember the electricity of my flower

seek perfection in the process’ of development
there is another way to expose my color
as æther always finds its way to the earth
conflict does not become you
there is another way

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Where urea dissolves into nitrates
They carry with them such high expectations
A title that separates them from others
Copied from a farm
Copied from an old life
Copied from their origins

Wrenched foreign animals from a place that carries no context
Thrive here
Love me now
You are my children, you are of me
Sterile fabricated copies of greatness

So many intersecting platforms
Create the object
The same as the year of my birth
The same as the monster within
The same soft thorns that reiterate
“I want nothing of your humankind”

we have traveled together
as brothers, as sisters
and opened the rift into something more
where I suggest your name in seduction

your loving grenades detonate
from my lips
in huge perfumed flowers

a magnitude that can only be shared with another
the subtlety of a dragon’s kiss