Friday, October 30, 2015

vibrant minds 30/100

My coffee is strong
The bass echoes through the house
Like a subtle earthquake
Bringing the spiderwebs into unison
The sun sits at an angle in the sky that speaks winter
but with a temperature that is speaking something else
in another language I want to call out
I want to shriek
On this day
You are in my thoughts
I swear I can hear you
The melliferous aether
Coiling up around my wrists seductively
As the thought of you grows louder and louder and endless and infinite
Tears want to come to me
But they always want that
And they never do
I have turned my face to the sun and wind and cold and hot so many times
They always just stay within me
In the ache that I fantasize about hearing your voice
I won’t even listen,
I’ll just sit there absorbing any vibration that comes out of you
that I might have ever caused
I’ll be enamored in the idea of you
I’ll stall for time and leave it on the note that we should hang out.
We never do,
you’ll come up with some absurd set of conditions that would need to be met to find yourself in my presence
and I- I’ll miss you so deeply the moment you get off the phone, it will take away from my day
it is the nature of our species
and as such I want to bring you that feeling
prior to the inevitable
as I have said so many times to you before: you are as I.
if nothing else, taste in this aether with me
feel the things that I feel
touch as I have, in the invisible places
on this perfect day
taste in the dreams, the alternative timelines that echo within us
ages and ages
that live
just beyond this realm of light
it is such a wonderful day to be alive
my only lament
is not spending it with you
but I can feel you,
the way I hear the trees
in the sounds
where those special vibrant minds flourish

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Fold me
And break me
Have me
and take me
in this bitter way
these words that have held me
unshell me
it is all that there is to say
im used to
abused with
there is nothing
new in this place
ive felt this
I yearn for
I never grow to be sure
When im folded in on myself
Like fractured origami
In this ghetto of lies
Ive been patient and waiting
Endlessly belating
Like the dreams that never die
Ethereal and needing
These dreams are so fleeting
your words
they never cease
the folding and breaking
the hate and raking
in time I am failing
broken on the railing
the words leave me reeling
in a world of annealing where I dream
of you
not again