Saturday, February 25, 2017

of ages


Let us compose the symphony

of betrayal, and deception, and lust
of carnage and combat and consequence

In some neo-classical tryst
where the voices of cacophony are drowned out in a timeless sound
mesmerized in the transcendence
of what it means to be carnal and sublime

I don’t have to know things
I just have to get there.
Lay them down like extinguishing candles
Outlast them as they cower in the storm

Making them weak as I grow stronger
Soaking up torrents
As roots grappling the ruins of religion

As an acropolis of rage
We erupt of the cultural nexus
Drawn from an empire of nothingness
How clearly I awaken to this theater
Its actors and players all enchanting
as an emergent viscerality
I envision them consumed
as falling ones and zeroes
deleted from the script of existence

let us dance the dance

where artillery and explosives
lay waste to perceptions of structure and purpose
where they are lost in the woods,   
 make no mistake
the weapon and I are one—
we are the waltz and the warfare
I am the dream of the future

earned as if bleeding venom
words in smeared in blood
I’m not trying to hurt your body
I have come to take everything—

& in this reality…
Of power and photons
Everything is relative.

Let us fight the fight

Psychic warfare
the tetraploids
At my disposal
mutants of man and grace
that speak
in dimension—
my dimension—
my planet.

In spheres of petty human aggression.
Fragile Anger
the sizzle of a tattooing needle
Sewing us into this
In ink and words and language
we are the nexsi
we design of the future.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Liquid Empire

Casting a wide net as an arachnid

Against the rising and setting sun

With the poisons coursing through my veins

Becoming the nuance of dream

How esoteric this all feels

Against the skyline from a rooftop

We are the tryst of entourage

We are the dream of influence

Nocturnal west coast kingdoms

Awaken in the tension of belief

Meticulously methodically

Emergent assault and violence

We are as siblings

Woven of a kind of liquid

Transcendent of nature and tech

In venomous movements

We awaken the fires of action

In tears and conflict and strife

wings spread against the backdrop of The ghetto

only to taste the suffering of the earth, like a whisper

haunting me through the halls of club to warehouse to club

and the affairs of the moment have become all I know

in such a way that the dream

and the reality have become inseparable

I yearn for the days when it is not like this

When the empire of what we are to become is made visceral

As a dream of transcending ferocity

Like a static sizzle of contention  

In visions of a future æsthetic

I see a world woken and new

Consumed in the sound

One in the vibrations of the universe.  

Monday, February 13, 2017


It feels like being out of breath

In the inner-city

Where there’s nowhere left to turn

A tinge of vertigo

A taste of fear


I feel it like an emptiness in my chest

A vacancy of self

A hurt that I cannot name

Through dimension and time

I feel all of the forest

at its borders they saw-down the trees

As if my mind is being eaten by ants

And I want nothing more than to tell the truth

I want nothing more than this hurt to go away

But I am the forest

I am the trees.

& I am not immune to the flames of man


As if redefining abundance.  

Redefining masculinity

Elucidating complexity

I grow so restless with this form and its shortcomings

And how endlessly harrowing it all is

How endlessly fearful I am

Of my own ideas

How endlessly afraid of myself I have become

the weaponization of all of my facets

at my core I am the angriest tree in the forest

and the fire and I, we have become at war

and I will proliferate every reserve of water

and I will fight you until my body is broken

I will fight you till my soul is ruins


I am the electricity that runs through hell

I am the anger of eons.

Immortal with desire

Remaining insatiable

 I am but a player—

.. when the fires of my enemies are extinguished,

Will I stop?

Will I stop after Mars is terraformed?

after all opposition

has lain down their bow at my feet

will I ever feel satiated

if you know who I am—

you know the answer.


I never tire of the sight of birds

I never fear the beings of this reality   

Embracing the relativity of things

How beautiful I feel to know this of our species

…it exists.

And I feel the pulse of the universe

Through my connections to others

How magnificent transcendent moments feel

There is a wondrous beauty to this,

because it is ephemeral

because it is real

Our lives are but the blossom of existence

flowers into this plane

consumed as ashes in fire

as if experiences

of the soul transcend life itself

as if a sensation beyond reason

makes it all worthwhile.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Cuando piensando de tuyo

Siepre yo siento como el viento

En los momentos que estoy en la silencia de mis piensas

como el furiosidad que defendo mis sueños

Y siempre yo siento como atraz que tiempo

Cuando estas en mis piensas

Estoy nunca solo

 Independientemente que realidad de mi vida es 

Y en las piensas de tuyo

Yo siento la esperansa, propensidad
la fuerza, El fuego

Aparentemente nadie extinguirse

y con Estes piensas  

yo siento..

en este oscuridad yo siento tu

Friday, February 3, 2017


Visions upon visions

the expanses of Esper   

the dreams of other beings

In the unparalleled nature of dimension  

from these interactions

This Greek curse where the gears of mind

Churn against each other

In their attempts to grow

Like a coral reef

-In the breeding season.

sensuous expanses

landscapes of mirrors and time

electric and surreal

these moments stretching before me

I think of herons—

And I think of driftwood.

And think of the projection thought.

& deeply, I love my friends

and yet this human form

eats at me

dissolving me in my own disease

being this being

vacant and put upon

I am so overcome with rage

The ire and evil of man

Living within me

infectious and visceral

as if there are no other moves

than to delve the self—

I speak of dimension

As if sungazing

Into an unhuman visage

distant and detracted

hypnotized with potential

trapped in this body

challenged into understanding the very big and the very small at once

carving into the æther

shaping my piece of the universe

As if leaves blowing in the wind

Beckoning the impending,

 Articulated and savage

I feel it in the textured æther

Like the skin of coniferous trees

ravens in the sky

snow on the ground

stone and soil

whispering zephyrs

beautiful the conflict and elegant the weapon

as I question the nature of significance.