Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Liquid Empire

Casting a wide net as an arachnid

Against the rising and setting sun

With the poisons coursing through my veins

Becoming the nuance of dream

How esoteric this all feels

Against the skyline from a rooftop

We are the tryst of entourage

We are the dream of influence

Nocturnal west coast kingdoms

Awaken in the tension of belief

Meticulously methodically

Emergent assault and violence

We are as siblings

Woven of a kind of liquid

Transcendent of nature and tech

In venomous movements

We awaken the fires of action

In tears and conflict and strife

wings spread against the backdrop of The ghetto

only to taste the suffering of the earth, like a whisper

haunting me through the halls of club to warehouse to club

and the affairs of the moment have become all I know

in such a way that the dream

and the reality have become inseparable

I yearn for the days when it is not like this

When the empire of what we are to become is made visceral

As a dream of transcending ferocity

Like a static sizzle of contention  

In visions of a future æsthetic

I see a world woken and new

Consumed in the sound

One in the vibrations of the universe.  

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