Saturday, February 25, 2017

of ages


Let us compose the symphony

of betrayal, and deception, and lust
of carnage and combat and consequence

In some neo-classical tryst
where the voices of cacophony are drowned out in a timeless sound
mesmerized in the transcendence
of what it means to be carnal and sublime

I don’t have to know things
I just have to get there.
Lay them down like extinguishing candles
Outlast them as they cower in the storm

Making them weak as I grow stronger
Soaking up torrents
As roots grappling the ruins of religion

As an acropolis of rage
We erupt of the cultural nexus
Drawn from an empire of nothingness
How clearly I awaken to this theater
Its actors and players all enchanting
as an emergent viscerality
I envision them consumed
as falling ones and zeroes
deleted from the script of existence

let us dance the dance

where artillery and explosives
lay waste to perceptions of structure and purpose
where they are lost in the woods,   
 make no mistake
the weapon and I are one—
we are the waltz and the warfare
I am the dream of the future

earned as if bleeding venom
words in smeared in blood
I’m not trying to hurt your body
I have come to take everything—

& in this reality…
Of power and photons
Everything is relative.

Let us fight the fight

Psychic warfare
the tetraploids
At my disposal
mutants of man and grace
that speak
in dimension—
my dimension—
my planet.

In spheres of petty human aggression.
Fragile Anger
the sizzle of a tattooing needle
Sewing us into this
In ink and words and language
we are the nexsi
we design of the future.

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