Friday, February 3, 2017


Visions upon visions

the expanses of Esper   

the dreams of other beings

In the unparalleled nature of dimension  

from these interactions

This Greek curse where the gears of mind

Churn against each other

In their attempts to grow

Like a coral reef

-In the breeding season.

sensuous expanses

landscapes of mirrors and time

electric and surreal

these moments stretching before me

I think of herons—

And I think of driftwood.

And think of the projection thought.

& deeply, I love my friends

and yet this human form

eats at me

dissolving me in my own disease

being this being

vacant and put upon

I am so overcome with rage

The ire and evil of man

Living within me

infectious and visceral

as if there are no other moves

than to delve the self—

I speak of dimension

As if sungazing

Into an unhuman visage

distant and detracted

hypnotized with potential

trapped in this body

challenged into understanding the very big and the very small at once

carving into the æther

shaping my piece of the universe

As if leaves blowing in the wind

Beckoning the impending,

 Articulated and savage

I feel it in the textured æther

Like the skin of coniferous trees

ravens in the sky

snow on the ground

stone and soil

whispering zephyrs

beautiful the conflict and elegant the weapon

as I question the nature of significance.  

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