Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Where urea dissolves into nitrates
They carry with them such high expectations
A title that separates them from others
Copied from a farm
Copied from an old life
Copied from their origins

Wrenched foreign animals from a place that carries no context
Thrive here
Love me now
You are my children, you are of me
Sterile fabricated copies of greatness

So many intersecting platforms
Create the object
The same as the year of my birth
The same as the monster within
The same soft thorns that reiterate
“I want nothing of your humankind”

we have traveled together
as brothers, as sisters
and opened the rift into something more
where I suggest your name in seduction

your loving grenades detonate
from my lips
in huge perfumed flowers

a magnitude that can only be shared with another
the subtlety of a dragon’s kiss   

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