Thursday, July 21, 2011

simple torture

As we talked of rape
Of injustice, hate, power and dominance
While coming home from a class on the subject, where tears had been shed by different individuals for days in a  row
to find the flowers of one of my Stanhopea had been eaten by a snail.
And I climbed that tree
And traced the silver trail to where that little creature had been sleeping
And found the snail
And pulled its shell off
Threw a fistful of ammonium nitrate all over it’s fleshy naked body

To reap revenge for what it had done to my flowers
And all flowers, everywhere.

it had little effect beyond the torture of a simple organism
That did not realize it had trespassed upon anything

And I realized that my most prized flower was avenged, through torture
 As my mind was warped around torments of a different variety, and the drawn suffering of humans  

As the snail desiccated under caustic salts and the burning sun
The stanhopea bloomed, but never to its full glory

As we felt the hurt of all the women in the world, and our powerlessness to help any of them
 Pronounced as a powerlessness to control the wickedness that lived within ourselves

And the snail sat there dying in the sun, I felt the power that the attacker must have felt
Redirected upon the manifestation of my subconscious

And realized the twisted, convoluted, evil
Lurking within the depths of man

Realizing that I cannot do anything but react.
powerless that I could not heal the injured but could only punish

simple torture inverted as a snake eating it’s tail

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