Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rang like a bell
The echoes reverberate, proliferate
Cacophony becomes him
Sound and fury
Thirst and hunger
Conflicting as the lines of patience and impertinence penetrate everything
And he regins down on black wings
Bringing void into every sip that life has to spill
“by the time you see where they are connected, it will be too late” she says
but it is always just a little too late
And resonates
back and forth through the temple of self
Absolving everything in the taste
The smell
That takes them back, centuries, millennia to a time when that vapor was fresh and new
When things did not ricochet in and out of their heart
Refracting everything into so many colors
Allowing Every fragile ripple to amplify.
in a world where every whisper
rings like a bell.

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