Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ethnocentrically speaking of course
You’re just not there
Not emotionally. You lack that
As girlfriend and lover and girl again
Come to me asking the same question about you:

“Is that it?”

“I thought there was more than that…”
 I thought it was just a façade, not the main event
truth is stranger for you
truth, is stranger to you.

The cost of water in your land
Keeps your terrain in check
In the way that I can box you in with your own pawns
The little fractions that hold water  
I am not cactus, I am not succulent
I am the range of epiphytes  
as vast in this world as any other
And walk without rhythm through the sands
That only time seems to remember

push forth through your sandstorm
don’t forget to carry water

truth is; I didn’t always enjoy the rain,
but I never take the time to appreciate anything without it  

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