Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unstoppable nonsense

You can see it anywhere.  
Anywhere and everywhere.
This unstoppable nonsense.
crosses my mind as a river of boiling blood
letting the violent to drown
wish not, for their demise
but for their torture, they live it each and every day
we are of a kosher-class
I mean in the same way that we live the jihad
to share it as a gospel
it is only the betrayal of the inherent enlightenment 
that makes any of it matter
this ephemera of being
only as polluted as those who make it shorter
lousier, than it already was
I don’t want to sit and write anything
I don’t give a fuck about your cause
And thinking not of the real matters at hand
But rather arguing over the trivial mess
“No, no, let ME tell YOU why JIMMY HENDRIX is the greatest guitar player of all time.”
And we’ll have a chat, chure.
Nothing to hack at the roots though,
that would only lead to taking action
AND I have work in the morning.
try to convince spoiled suburban children
the importance of being original and unique
the power that our actions carry worthwhile 
the meaning of what a jihad really is they live it 
all while sitting in
air-conditioned classrooms
complaining about the cost of insurance
now that they don’t receive financial aid    

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