Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Before there is a placation to hunger
Before the solution there is
Violence. There is abuse, there is your way of dealing with me
That must be like some animal
That cannot be contained
hunger before there is concern
hatred before there empathy
I hate that I must call you my own
And be treated as such.
There is an obsession within you; that has in it
Only the will to dominate, a madness that has spawned out of impunity
a proliferation of impunity within myself
though you might feel as though you deserve mercy
You do not
You deserve what you have made
deserve what you have
And that is me
When time comes for your enfeebled old frame to take is last shuffling steps in this world know that I will be there if only to make them more painful
Know that I will wring the will out of you like the blood of mine you have spilled
I will crush you spirit so far into nothing
You will beg me for death
all the hurt you have brought me I have saved, archived in this unfair world
it will open up on you
as you opened up on me
a child
a monster
a torturer that that could put nothing before themselves
twist this world into a terrific spectacle
until nothing is left, but the way things could have been
to pass from this place as irreverently as you embraced me  

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