Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Such survivors, troopers
“bro, I’m glad you’re here.”
In this small sandbox
With all these posers
I needed someone that knew how to separate the
Men from the boys
In this realm
Where coyotes reign and wolves starve
Deer explode on the freeways under trucks
That ship plastic

Tattooed and lazy
You fuckers sleep for days at a time
Hibernate right through summer
through fall and most of winter
constantly sleeping
…but sleeping less than those around here
rising early in this perverse spectacle
like a twelve-year-old with morning wood
in the way that infants fondle themselves  
you sick fucks.
With the trapping of the scarabs
In that big satellite-dish pussy
With its adjoining semen ball-pit
Because your intersexed
Interspecies debacle,
With that 23” gigantic-ass genital… thing.
that smells like, Ass.

  No matter what the cause or the case
we will all do what it takes for release
not all of us will know it
and to those, I am sorry
to seek it
on our own terms
to win our own battles
to live and die by the terms we see as necessary
and to love in the way that we choose
I have no valid judgments in this world
only the will to contribute.         

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