Monday, July 15, 2013


The blue hour
beginning so suddenly
that it could hardly be said that it happened at all
the fireflies  with their persistent
hallucintationesque sex ritual
parodying something that I have been so shy to say
the kodama came out
as children looking for players in a kickball game.
it made me smile through my being
I had to graciously decline
“I am too heavy to play in your dimension”
But I will be coursing through the green for the rest of the night
I will proliferate with you.
In you.
As you.

In the very least; I can see you.
I can feel you.
And while I would desperately love to play.
The mosquitos drink my human flesh.
The ticks transmit diseases to me in this reality.
But I will join you soon enough
Share in this night with me
As we wander through the dark

into other dimensions
slipping from this one  

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