Monday, February 3, 2014


Perhaps if you didn’t
Do those drugs
Date people addicted to drugs
Consume and fall into the trap
that consumes you even more
Keeping you awake well into all hours of the night and day
Perhaps if you; Got some sleep
Dreaming has a way of keeping you sane
there are simple things that bind us to this reality
the things that are so captivatingly important
Are consuming you
They grind you into something else
Transforming you into a kind of creature that
Cannot see it’s own reflection.
It’s like watching a tragic pantheon unfold before me
And I cannot look away, and I am bound to observe
Can you not see?! This substance and I we are enemies.
This drug has dissolved lovers right in my hands
This drug has flipped cars, murdered children, destroyed hope
this drug is condensed heartache
it is a fire that burns this reality
there is no way of touching it without consequence
and yet, I imagine little event horizons tearing into our worlds
because in your world there seems to be no word for “addiction”

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