Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The Debilitating isolation consumes
All the Cares for this plane,
In  a realm where nobody listens because nobody expects to be listened to:
In the attempts to be so incredibly non-confrontational, that everything  becomes combative.
My life ticks away each precious second
& I listen to the cacophony that drowns out the space for more reverent thoughts
Filling the vacuum of the places between us with stuff that seems to make sense but is inconsequential
It is the illusion of reverence
The deception of prowess
And the substitution of substance, for substance
Which erodes all the ‘fun’ into this bitter flour
And we eat it in our minds, endlessly wondering why it never satiates
the discouragement to be held is what has been given the reigns
as the tears of the earth never fall
where wild things still remain free
assiduously willing to thirst for their dreams   

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