Monday, March 9, 2015


produced and manufactured
it leaves this place fractured
their words never seem to rise

in the way that i can call
to your mind through it all 
there is nothing left to be said 

and I'm sorry for the way 
these things have so much sway 
but we cannot go back 

there is so much left to know 
in the places i cannot go 
until this fades to black

but this is not quite done 
im not sure whats to be won
though I'm sure i can see

and all that i regret
is the life i cannot get
in a world where you're with me

as though i could have anything
in a life that i would bring
so much to your great heart

and i cannot undo
the way i feel for you
the dreams never seem to cease

but i hold my head up high
to the stars in the sky
and i dream that the day will come

in no uncertain way
i want to live, i want to play
with what we can grow to be

but you are so refracted
taken and distracted
for all that i want this to be

my heart seems to grow colder
as the years pass, i am older
but i know there will come a day

and i cannot express
what im afraid to confess
i just need to find a way

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