Friday, November 27, 2015


In my own storyline
My own frame
My own place in this plane
The sound of the drums triumph into the darkness
The dank and unknown places
Reverberate into the endless tangle
Be meek for it will save you
Come heavy, laden with import
The might that reigns over this land
Like thunder mumbling in the distance
Devours the weak
Like crustaceans picking at a carcass
Fumbling, boxy movements that persist and persist
removing the meat from the marrow
Endlessly, I am separating the prime from the scrap
Relentless and compelled
Deeply loving and yet devoid of affection
Come as you are
the adventure beckons
like the sensual whimper of virgin flesh
as a towering mountain that calls out from the sky
it is a beacon of bravery in fearful places
I am but a dream
Made visceral

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