Monday, February 8, 2016

gaze of granite

I once held the dreams of our future
Only to taste the constant bitterness of our reality
In your land of dreams I see now the dawn that never comes
desperate and forlorn-
rendered to the idea that you cannot awaken
made supple by your ire
Ceaselessly waiting
perhaps my expectations have been too high
Perhaps I have been consumed in the minutia
this is a lie
Allow me to illuminate the truth
Shedding light on myopia in my expansive world
Cached in umber, your kitsch tangle of self-importance
consumed in perceptions of import & grandeur
Unable to see the rising tide
That has eroded the foundation to the bridge that links our worlds
There is so much music playing
That falls upon deaf ears
There is so much beauty to these little things that get overlooked
Your impatient glare,
frozen in a twisted expression of disgust
as a gargoyle that stares into its maker
Taking a step back
Setting my chisel down, have I made you this way?
Or have you always been like this?
Like a dirge that plays out endlessly
To a person that dances to the rhythm of life
when looking into those stone eyes
all I find is vacancy
I see barren windswept fields
geometric landscapes frozen in place
the magic that left this landscape,
left ├Žons ago

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