Monday, March 14, 2016


As specters in the night
Laced in opulence and clout
Through the tides of time
We are liquid and crystal
Clairvoyant and assertive
Eloquent and new
Shedding the deceit and deception of so many cycles
We are clean and concise
Classic and eternal
Bleeding technology into humanity
Folding the depths of so many layers
Into and
upon and
all of the dreams that I have drifted to-

led me to this one flawless moment
where reflection upon reflection
spooling our memories into the fabric of this reality
as we are stitched and sketched and lain bare
the sand of our nerves as windswept dunes
driven from some associative force
where the teeth and viscerally
reign in a primal eagerness
our memories are polished in desensitization
we are but inflections on theses emergent planes
wrinkles in consistency
made carnal and clean
surgically as raptors picking at the corpse of fallen kingdoms
the touches of momentary propensity
the magnitude of the magnificence
these give weight to the vortices of purpose
we become the nexus
as the aesthetics of our modern world
universes unto themselves
unfold at our fingertips.
And I touch them,
jungles of encryption
in the facets of the temporal
the tides of the Acheron
spilling out upon the shores of time
we stepped through them
deft little traces
into the cerebral convoluted landscapes
luminescent and melliferous
the conceptual excellence of this architecture
plain and complicit
yet, infinitely complex and crisp

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