Sunday, May 29, 2016


Meet me in the cold.
When it’s raining
Sheets of corn snow
I want to witness you
In the teeth
of the mountains
Have you not seen my talons
Sink into the ice
of mankind
That burns
like the rage
of the sierra
in the tears
that I shed
when I look into
that burning sky
wrought by your machines
your cities
are a stain
on my soul
And I hate you.
I am consumed
in the hatred
like the tar
that rends the weak
as the spines
of the cactus
are long.
Why the Ricinius
are so deadly
as a terrifying prick
that debilitates
motor skills
I am consumed
In the hatred
That my land
Has For you.
Will saunter
Over your broken soul
In time.
And I will remain
Eternal and liquid
An oasis of ferocity
Forged in a hive
Of mechanization
I am consumed
In the anger
Of the River
That awakens
Like a dragon
in the wet season
and devours
man and metal
and glass

I am overwhelmed
in the intensity
of the raptor
that wants to peck
out your eyes
and eat
your fucking brains
rending meat
from marrow
sinew from bone
I will peel you
As the wind
That never tires
as a seething anger
that never ceases

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