Monday, September 19, 2016


devouring my resources like vultures

emaciated and emaciation

they land upon me like a vacant scarecrow

as a carcass being rendered by crustaceans

pulled apart with diligent little claws

I am suffocating under this veil of incompetence

And the tears are all but a play at catharsis

Pantomime silhouettes at reality

As a delectable tryst

I hunger, for the effervescent soul

Awaken something within me

As thunderous hooves rumbling against sun-scorched earth

The regency of all of my ideas

Bearing down like a raptor on fleeing prey

I am overwhelmed in the asphyxiation

How long it has been without love

My visage casting a tremendous shadow

Against the manufacture

A wild heart proliferates endlessly

Unrefined, unconquerable

yet crippled with yearning

my life is this endless, relentless adventure

with nobody to share it with
like a vortex
that holds a billion stars in place
invisible in its own magnitude

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