Thursday, March 9, 2017


I envision raptors circling overhead
The rain falling
As we dance
This is what we came for—
This is the thing.
The melliferous thing

Because power in this manner is manifested as void
How sweeping have become our feathers
And diligent our mannerisms
How moving has my anger for all things not this become
By all means—
bathe me in drugs
endow me in importance
and I shall reign in the power
like a thunderhead crawling across the desert

windswept hair and rutted fingernails
dust in scarves and sleeves
rested and centered
pit bulls wrestle and play
chasing unknown creatures in the distance—
to which the raptors that linger in a Eucalyptus
have begun to follow
in the hope that a wayward rabbit becomes complacent
that it’s only threat comes from the ground
and they are this coiling column of birds
patiently dancing with us in the sky.
I envision the electronics that bring us this moment
Wires draped over metal trash barrels haphazardly
some huge oak tree that has always been the spot
Nine-thousand dollars in equipment
Sitting in the shade,
With liquor bottles flanking it
With the ash from a cigarettes
marking it as warpaint
ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy
have been snorted off this device in times of bounty

this device has been defended in front of authority in times of desperation

our devices// are salvation.

I envision wave forms
flexing through space and time
I envision feathers and machines
through a psychic universe
I am merely the banner of a man
Juxtaposed between many extremes
Animated under a MIDI controller
To be embraced:
Our fusion of mind and machine
I think the same thing that I always think

Lay waste—

Crack the fucking ground—
Uproot this tree—
Scare those birds—

I want the sound. The drug, my one true addiction.
Feed me this substance
Give it to me and bring my form into motion
One that is good to its people
A shape that stands when others cannot
Grant me this substance
Let’s do the things—
Let’s get there.

time slips away
As we dance
in the falling sun
with family and loved ones
Village and tribe moves as an electric forest
Where we are all raptors and trees and people
In some other dimension.
And I feel so close
To something I can never quite touch.


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