Monday, December 6, 2010


palms towering overhead as bars  
they vanish into the crimson sheet
the sun dies out beyond the ocean
city lights plastered over the stars

snow crunches beneath bare feet
deft little steps that lead us home
I peel the wallpaper from my heart
to repaint the walls in fresh hope

claws that sift through loose earth
searching for blessings buried in the past
losing these things is their synthesis
permitting the volta of which they came

I wish so many things were different
Blooming into colors that carried no connotation
A semblance of déjà vu that lingers
In the ketamine whispers of your mind

Eternity’s haunting embrace enshrouding
Compartmentalized into distraught ideals
The hyper-snap of shattering lights
A jagged wake of phosphorescent glass remains

Though Stripped of the necessary tools
I think of it in the rolling waves
Like the glass and steel cages
coming to mind when contemplating freedom

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