Thursday, December 23, 2010


Through the many dimensions
I saw your face in my dreams
I met the damage inflicted upon me
In kind,
Where hurt placated all my thoughts of violence
And I became gangrenous  with the damages of your action
 brought down in in a thick swamp of your cowardice
Enraptured in the tar of your sick world
In boxes, in a cage, entrapped
Where the tainted shroud and mask became everything I had left
as though going through the motions remains everything  
As time passes, I see you for what you are
Recalling through the many verses
The vacant words
The vacant look of your treachery
Packaged up in the same boxes that I placed my eviscerated eye
those same boxes reused as refuge
where you have hidden for so long.
the world is filled with sick, disfigured animals
because of creatures like you  
where you cast me into the infected
corruption bathing my heart for years
I am of pestilence
As I ride half blind into the dark
The single tear you shed will never be enough.
A sick compensation,
For an attempt to bring light to this dark place
A tear in the ӕther that nothing can repair  

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