Wednesday, February 2, 2011

String of Steel Pearls

I wrap you around my knuckles
I hide within your embrace
The destruction of my extensions
I let explode upon your face

will you still tread Upon me
attempt to push me underhand
crush that which I have created
so that I might ‘understand’

have you seen how fat you are?
And slow within your mind
Your thoughts have become so lazy
And your actions so unkind

Long I have spent the water
To let this place decay
The tyranny of your behaviors
Bleaching the fading day

cower before your father
Like the runt that you became
Under the wrath of my violent hand
That will treat you all the same

 Nothing is ever recurring
Like those comforts I never knew
dark nights where you hide your shame
With that heart that never grew

And vacantly I say hello
Detached as anything can be
I know the perverse truth
How you could never see

within the myriad of things
whose value escaped your eyes
those acute angles eviscerated   
the fabric of all your lies

where I once sought the synergy
I now seek only the infection
Of those clouded memories
And that distorted recollection

As you cut back all the tendrils
Where I sought to help you grow
You deserve the misery you planted
Within the treason of my flow

In the fading nightmare
That they fought so hard to keep
phantoms wait so surely
for a mind that remains asleep

because your slipping under
as the riptide and the shore
I will never forget who you were
Or how you sought for more

I could have done better
With support Instead of fists
 As your concern for me exploded
In bitter little trysts

it made me strong and hard
chains of folded steel
Repeatedly you crushed my hopes
And ground them into meal

I took the talc of my hopes
buried them in the sand
I may always walk alone
But I’ll do so as a man

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