Friday, February 25, 2011


Long I have watched the reflection
That you cast of me
& it is accurate, and honest
Suggestions of action against me
that are true, and real

I sit entranced watching myself as the construction
And ponder the detachment that you must feel
How long has your road been?
How hard you must have suffered to get there
your hurt is beautiful
As I am just another gear
Cast into a coil of cogs that I cannot escape
How free you must be in comparison
And how trapped I am

 to be able to touch the earth in ten steps
to breathe the frosted mountain air in ten minuets
to be forgotten in ten seconds

but your reflection makes this not so, it captures me forever
under a psychological jar, where I never develop or grow or heal
concepts that you have come to master
inflicted accurately
I wish that I could make you come
So you could hear my true voice
when all the words have evaporated
After all the sound and the fury to see how I stand
But you are not of this realm
You are unlike me
& it is in its way so beautiful, & poetic, & elegant
pure as the element you became able to master
display the fervor and power of yourself manifested
within spiraling coils of flame

to admire the torch of your being from a distance
because I am addicted to the risk of that which I cannot conquer
though I seek synergy above all things  

I sometimes wish I could make you come
In The blue emollient hour
You could see what it means to be of nature
Of the growth that hides the spark I possess
Even through my doubt, I could divide this once more
But the truth is a stark banner
there can be no growth where fire still burns


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