Saturday, May 14, 2011


If I could cut you away
From that decoration you carry around
The same image copied and stenciled
standing like a Pomeranian
I’ve seen it before
 slip into the dark
I promise I’ll bite.
Imagining the sunrise
With you near

I remember the motorcycle
out of the realm, trying so hard
swooning over the physical material
collision of our two lives where he asphyxiated, it
as an incubus
he left you
as you left me
drawn off by the song
too afraid to dance

a beautiful slob
like yourself
like myself
Put a lance to my pink ribbons and lacerate
the connection
asunder in yearning words, that

the repeated reflection
photograph after photograph of, nothing
beyond the surface
i get it,
there is nowhere left to run
but inward.
what you have to show
eclipses anything
worth spitting venom

where the words and actions are made of paper
something as singular as in one dimension
such deftness for ideals
that were founded in the breast
of a little girl
when they were still real
recalling freewill
as a bad dream

know that home
Is where people share laughter
slipping into the valley
I always recall the place
remembering you for eons
in parallel I can love
anything so perpendicular

if only

they could

let go.   

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