Wednesday, May 11, 2011


peel apart everything.
With little diligent fingers
unravel everything into the way it should have gone, the way it took place in my head
and I, I was so wrong.  I thought that this place had more to offer
in the pit of our minds I hear your echoes clearly
a resonance that drives
more than you realize
trying to outrun the stretching shadows
in the ricochet of the starlight I become
Held into this trap
Institutionalized to a degree that I will never seem to escape.
And we hold it, and we bear it, and the luxuriant infection seeps in through the splinters

I Know, what it means to know that my best is not enough
 I am not enough. my infection is deep. The way is long.

But I am not a slob.

As I think of seeing you happy again. Excited. Exciting. Exhilarated for the coming day
bleed my infection into this gray place, and smile.

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