Saturday, September 3, 2011

fail and cave

Heavy handed in approach
I felt your artillery shell for shell
left barren and evacuated  and vacant
the bitter angles of discontention reigned at the spokes of some great chariot
careening out of control in the red lights, the balmy nights that slip-
in and out of this forgettable, self-obsessed, crush.

Tear this from sanctioned structure
gamble upon this with fidgeting questions
claw at yourself, like whispers of the love you will never know again-
concrete in it’s approach, yet never submitting, never surrendering
that would be too much. too much to bear
as a ricochet, reverberate, devastation.

poetic in nature, take consolation in the secondary effect
Submerge those feelings, recalling yourself as an afterthought
your voice called to them through time, retroactively
Because perception was less than what was expected
Though permeating in soft tissue where it hurt you most
You could never cry, that would be; emasculating 

Echoing prefectures though your mind
Spilling casings in dainty, violent little steps
Damages to the forgettable forgotten
hold nothing, you mean nothing to this place and slip away
Never knowing the pungent, greasy smoke
what cataract-laden visions came defended, desperately.

They told us of some place where we could retreat
Defending a flag of no color
children dominating the world with their fractured gray failure
Shattered in a way that nothing can reconcile
Blather me your words, spin me into the fabric of your story
Until the truth becomes a beautiful, mechanical, lie.

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