Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breaker Bell

like an anthem
an iron banner to the most
Twisted and horrific pantheon
Mounted just before the border
This sickening instrument
enough to make jolly roger cringe
Where each note is an orgasm
A little-death, literally
the sound of life evaporating
in a flash of hate and retribution
Ringing out against the early morning silence
the blue hour washing away clear blood
the return of the sun
in apathetic cause shedding no remorse
the burning star returns
feed them through the day,
provided they survived the night  
this grotesque masquerade
plays out it’s horrible overture
conducted with skill and talent
each living note falls to the breaker
and yet, without this dirge
there would be nothing
beyond the retroactive
silhouette of that which
must come to pass 

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