Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Posing as some
Poetic mastermind
In the glory of all your failure
tattered, tormented, trivial
like the worth of a thousand lies
your hearts and minds follow it out to where the sun dies
and seek refuge under the shrapnel
that reigns down like the juxtaposition
that this will make cents when you
reed it.

uffish thou; they say
in the wake of the weigh
in the don of the day
without anything right-
-left to hold the world at bay

and they say cheap mediocrity, the cause of debauchery
but the price is too high to negotiate more
or less…
it’s a mess, blame it on anything lay it on anyone
let it desiccate in the sun. leaving this world so wrecked and undone

the mastery we shared became cheap and unaired
valued like a bad dream
deep in your psyche, as the fallen Nike
a monument to.  a world as it seems
lay this world in waste, it’s a disgusting place
filled with you sluts and swine
we’ll say that it’s heroin, that we don’t care again

lie that your words have worth,
but their hearts are not strong in this land without song
to swarm like the hive and the gross

alas, I am chained, in this sphere so contained
as one of you, so intimate and close.


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