Thursday, February 14, 2013


(i understand this number)

I like to imagine that
In the beginning
There was a choice
They we all lined up
And asked, what direction that they would like to go
And they all drew lots
And some said they wanted connection before all else
Some said that they wanted closeness
Some wanted power
Some wanted understanding

And it was true, they too could have any measure of anything that they sought
Like any number of innumerable things
And so the lots were decided
And they had to roll with it
 And those that sought connection were connected,
but they were weak.
they were distant and detached
and those with power lost understanding
and those with understanding lost closeness
and so forth; a million times over
(not that I understand this number)

I understand being Human.
When a vitamin hits the bottom of your stomach
Nausea, bringing me to my heels on the back porch  
and it’s trying to come back up
those little huffing breaths right before the deluge
and then it passes. Strangely.
I understand being human.
I didn’t give a shit
about the nettles that were
to get vomited all over
the little seedlings
comfortably nestled in the winter soil
and I cannot care for the cattle
that were butchered a thousand miles away.
For which I have eaten.
It was already decided
like the ladder that was already in position
Long before we even realized there was one
And somehow evaded entropy
Long enough
For this to be considered
A state of lower energy   


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