Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 Come play in my dungeon
Come hide away with me
Down here in the darkness
Is the place you need to be.

Come play in my dungeon
Where I will take you in
And hold you like a virgin
While bathing you in sin

we shall strip you of your clothes
we shall tie you up in chains
remove you from the monotonous
absolve you of your pains

Does that hurt a little?
Does it make you want to scream?
Are you feeling frightened?
Relax its just a dream

It’s a dream that you've been having,
since you were a little girl
That some black knight would carry you,
Out and away of this plain world.

As you have dreamt of me before
I can see it in your eyes
That undeserving gaze you have
Fails to mask your lies

But you my dear can earn it
You can take something here from me
An experience not so forgettable
An experience in which you’ll see

I will clothe you in a black banner
I will nestle you in trust
As if a beautiful jewel
Polished in wet lust

I will break you like a branch
I will draw you like the sea
To this ache you yearn for
That will bring you back to me

There is more to it than the trivial
Do you think I’ll break your soul?
As you feign to realize
Your flesh is only a fraction of the whole

Experience it quite deeply
mind the noises that you've heard
should you need your freedom
now you know the word 

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