Monday, October 28, 2013


As if unraveling mistakes in ambition
 ambitiously unraveling mistakes
pulling from within, by pulling externally
the term for which penetrates this reality
as I invest myself into external things
investing upon investment
and penetrate through time
like a worm boring through thick earth
as those before me experienced
a transmutation of those feelings that we once held dear
a transformation of belief that once mattered in a past life
learning to live forever by learning that life is meaningless
becoming immortal by dying
but within this reality
there are doors to the others
and some of them lead nowhere
and some of them lead to strange and forgotten places
and all of them lead to places external to this reality
as external as my reality must be to you
in the way that the mind can be manipulated and feelings can betray us
realities open and close all around you
if we could only open our eyes to see them.

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