Thursday, November 14, 2013

the godless invisceral

some articulate helix
words crumble in this plane
will of men wanes in the darkness
Where they are faced to confront
All of the realities that lies beyond this single sheet world
my reality, willing to extinguish others
My reality willing to triumph into the night
Willing to conquer and conquest over, and within, and under…
What exactly?
My reality; unable to conquer itself
Unable to find the batteries after the flood
After the combat that led our ship so far astray into this vaguely charted sea
when I say the words
The response is cheap, and honest
the truth is the truth
violence is real in a way that this invisceral sphere is not
this life is not even sustainable-
written in arcane language that becomes obsolete by the time its printed
 There are places that your god cannot reach
there are depths to this world that are reaching for you
in light and in darkness
it is unfair and unlikely that things will change
it is unfair and unlikely that things will remain as they are
all the unraveling of this world will be trite and forgotten
in the instant all present realities are extinguished  

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