Wednesday, May 7, 2014


From a distance the faces seem almost like I could touch them
Their smiles seem genuine enough
but they are nothing more than a two dimensional illusion
Played to my imagination
As words are plastic and meaningless
Without the actions to drive them home
Where so many of those actions are plastic and meaningless
And it is impossible to tell
What is or isn’t important
when faced with the kinds of dragons in this world
that we must fight in order to persist .
I dreamt a dream; and it was not this:
It was beautiful .
It was beautiful in the way that ideas always are
But realities are quite different
In this reality with consequence, with stresses and implication
This reality that I am unsatisfied with
In a way that my fantasies exist in a world without struggle
Unbridled and unparalleled, and perfect like they can never be
like the photos we edit,
the delusions we tell ourselves
more and more I wonder if I am sleepwalking
am I just dreaming in this reality in an attempt to escape it
if the choice was mine
and fate was at my beck and call
I would be near you always
listening to your vibrant mind as we slip in and out
of this and other dreams   



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