Thursday, June 5, 2014


this  dislexian breath
seeks retribution,
that seeks actions above all else
fame and glory, and somewhere in there,
there is the word “sundering” and the word “anger”
but deep in my depths there is a feeling.
I feel.
As though being pulled by the ribs
so gently involuntary
so seductively I surrender
slipping into a warm bath in the layers of myself
and I tell myself what my mother told me:
“Be Brave.” And just as then as it is now
I imagine tears that never come
the stall of my mind  as its tries to rise though the thinning atmosphere
a rightness that seeks wrong
exploding in vulgarity and venom
and yet I see no other way
I hold many factions
Though all are one voice
dissenting of many things
the least of which being
the belief in a controlled burn.
breathe deep in the meaning
breathe deep into the unknown.
its an overwhelming feeling
but not an entirely unpleasant one
this driving force
so quantum by nature
but it is powerfully necessary
if you feel for it you will find it
it is omnipotent and imaginary
filtered and unrefined
crude and beautiful
and yet I find myself so overwhelmed with longing
so burdened and blessed with emotion
filled with a constant inability
to express what I perceive
and an overwhelming desire to do so.




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