Friday, April 17, 2015

endless repetition

endless repetition
endlessly repeating
so searching for a catalyst
that it is endlessly defeating

with the words that never satiate
the dreams become so fleeting
in this endless repetition
that is endlessly repeating

i dreamt of something different
i dreamt of so much more
in this repetitive repetition
with so much to explore

yet it all seems so one dimensional
it all seems so plain
with this endless repetition
that always stays the same

it is this monotonous grind
this feeling i can't explain
within this redundant life that
always stays the same

it would be such a pleasure
to subsist so deluded
in this manufactured lifestyle
where it all seems so concluded

the themes become redundant
the scenes remain so fixed
i have to act surprised
when its so obvious to predict

my skills are so unwarranted
its hard to share what i feel
i know i am not broken
i know that this is real

mired in their sameness
trapped in their mundane
blindly plodding forward
into more of the same

vacantly i stood there
lifting not a finger
in their bland environment
where i began to linger

and i became a copy
i became the same
in the endless repetition
where everything is the same

i sit in traffic through the hills
i wear a this shirt and tie
my life seems to erode away
as we struggle and we die

at what point did i loose my soul?
when did my spirit fade?
why haven't all these people noticed
that are living a charade

and i question my validity
what makes this my place to say
how can they worship paper
every single day

why is this so broken
i feel so washed ashore
in an ocean of negligence
that left me wanting more

when all the dreams have died
when everything fades away
will they be proud of what they wrought
is that what they will say?

i feel trapped in time
i feel so utterly deprived
how can this be the world
when it is so utterly contrived

my mind seeks freedom
this heart it wants release
my hands are raw with effort
i want to be at peace

in this empty ideology
the way becomes so clear
they are not bound by anything
but are crushed within their fear

it takes a mighty heart
to wield a mighty soul
arise in this plane
and remake yourself as whole

there is so much left to do
and so very little time
the mountains seem so daunting
as we begin to climb

the dreams are merely sleeping
as we begin to wake
this world is merely waiting
for new visions to take shape

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