Monday, August 3, 2015


Aggressively resilient
They come bearing banners of wherever-the-hell-isn’t here
They are like I
Muscling for rank
in the rising tide
where the waves crash on the shores of my heart
spilling in through the holes in our dreams
what wrought me here?
what bearing do I owe in this ephemera?
This life and these lies must hold their place
In the pantheon of my ideas
It all seems so relevant
But evaporates cheaply in to the change-of-topic
This sudden spiel of coy and cunning
Where skills become endlessly refined into some kind of delusion
That evaporate under the gorgon’s careful gaze
Everything is cast into stone
Dreams are woven into the fabric of this fiction
The echoes of what “could have” and what “is” become louder and louder
Beckoning and spurring me across the seas of those desires
Building the bridge;
one step at a time into unknown shores
I’m not sure if I’m being brave anymore or just foolish
And I question if the map and compass ever worked at all
The recklessness for which I have rendered them into this fray
Falling like meteors into the depths
Annihilate my fragile pieces
Make me whole again, in honor and heart
Into the loving image of this charade

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