Friday, August 21, 2015


Of many daughters, mothers, and grandmothers and so on
They dance luxuriantly
Clothed in red and white
Trying desperately to yield on their well-played savings
And yet they come up empty
Time & time
They show and they fall
Never bearing a thing

Undeterred they push forward
& it’s noble in that way
Though foolish and short-sighted
They are an ethnicity of women
Cautious & careful
Patient and prepared

It is what renders them such
These are not masculine traits
They are not daring, nor risky, nor wild
loosing the masculine superconscious
with every single motion
that lays them as barren
from those they might wish to bear
the wish is gone
evaporated into a mentally excruciating landscape
sadly self-inflicted
this side-effect of ignorance
complacent & ostentatious
as a silhouette akin to selfishness
that fails to conceive
for a more universal view

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