Sunday, September 6, 2015


Of food, and concepts of food.
In my most expensive footwear
my mind slipping to the cute dance
My dog does
Before I go away.
And I smile, and miss her
and my hands keep moving
over the variety of surfaces
the textures of my landscape
they beat in my mind
as hungers that are never sequestered
my hands are taking damage at an alarming rate
my skeleton is being rendered
and yet my mind is racing
alight in the fires that burn in some specific number of BTU’s
as electric as the thoughts of your naked flesh
trembling under my deft hands
I want to hold you down
and devour the entirety of your landscape
And I will.
Two minuets after that timer goes off.
When your still hot to the touch, and yet not so hot
That I would need any sort of protection
between us.

The blur of loosing yourself
The world, the traffic, the lies
All of it deteriorates under this impossible construct of the mind
Where passion fuses into this erratic erotic battlefield
Of so many preexisting conditions and configurations
That even I begin to falter.
deep inside
other concepts
external to myself
the reality of this reality
is one of such complexity and beauty
captured of its physical form
which is why we always begin there
it is not for everyone
but it is for those that eat
As I peel back the layers of you
Unwrapping you unto myself
My heart is racing
Fearlessly and unabashedly
For anything that might come next
As I seek to be nothing less
than the eye of the storm
that pounds away
at the balmy shores
of your essence
still contained in the concept;

to feast.

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