Tuesday, September 15, 2015


In this sudden Nexus of Conditions
With that puncture of the æther
The body still warm in my hands
I would do anything in this moment
to absolve you of this hurt
I too have known this ache

“I need it for my friend.”
I want him to be okay.
But I know he’s already gone.

and I sense it like soft wing-beat in the darkness
in the yard, where the static hallucination
of the white noise is ringing in my ears
“wait for us little one”
and return, come back as soon as you can

you make her so happy.
nothing can replace you.
you represent more than you realize.
this place Without you seems unreasonable-

You would be the perfect thing right now
yet, you are not anymore
and I am not prepared to let go.

wait for us little one
wait for her on the far side of the river
with all my love
we come for you in time

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