Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I see many doorways
not all of them go anywhere

In the biting heat, and the noise, and the chaos.
Where words are so easy to detect

in return for their thoughts.

‘I can hear you.’

through the taro
like massive antennae
Spread thin through membranes
Twitching in the wind

I came in knowing their thoughts beforehand
confusion in their faces
visages seeking to make sense

fractals upon fractals
thoughts and realities
undulating as the fabric
borne like foam
bubbling from the fissure

the mire lies within the action of others
thoughtlessness, but also
different operating systems

butterflies mate regardless of
the necessary space to raise caterpillars
awestruck with the transformation that is made
caring little for the sacrifice that is rendered
upon the wastefulness of their offspring
through perceptive focus they must feel nothing
their world is that of an insect-
invested elsewhere

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