Friday, September 18, 2015


Dogged and tired,
Almost home
And it comes like a shot-
Stopping me midstep

“why hello? And who are you”
“Aww. Aren’t you pretty.”
And she sits all dressed in vibrant pink
Her colors rippling in the wind

Firm, resistant, and yet ticklish.
Spoiled in her new clothes
Happily oblivious to the world around her
“You know that name was a character from an anime many years ago. Did you hear that word from a child?”
Because adorable is beyond what I feel overcome by
An ancient and magical being that transitions for those in need
Willing, able, and yet mighty
She soars through the air with fire in her wake.
Beautiful in her power and endurance
Beautiful in her patience and loyalty

Kilala it is.

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