Thursday, September 10, 2015


Never stop the wonder
Never stop the dream
There is so much potential
In such a small seed.

There can be no other
This is no mistake

The whispers in the æther
Are the choices we don’t make

There is not another
Like this place that I know
In the way that I mean it
In the way that we must grow

Let us writhe in isolation
Let us burrow in our depths

I know not of these things
I know not of this yet

My heart cannot falter
Though it broils in the sun
I cannot yet seek shelter
For I am yet so undone

Incomplete in the utmost
Vigilant and free
Laying the foundations
For all to plainly see

Out beyond the horizon
Out beyond the shore
There is something else
There is something more

It lives within the blindness
And hides from the light
The world beyond the senses
The world beyond our sight

I want to say its love
I would, but it’s a lie
Too mired to rise above
Too tired to question why

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